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Texas Instruments 3rd Place High School Award, American Meteorological Society Outstanding Achievement Award

Slowing Down Ice Melt Using Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Eggshells Towards Mitigating Global Climate Crisis

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Matthew Kim

Mr. Eric Fetkenhour

This project seeks methods to delay ice melting that can consequently reduce the rise in temperature of the atmosphere, as well as natural disasters, such as wildfires. Increased occurrences of wildfires, especially in Western U.S., are more threatening than ever to human health and the environment and thus, preventive methods are required. It turned out that eggshell layers floated on water work as radiant barriers and delay ice melting. Therefore, implementing the eco-friendly, sustainable eggshell layers can be an immediate, feasible action to slow down the ice melting in the polar regions, which can eventually mitigate the natural disaster and protect human health and the environment.

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2 thoughts on “Slowing Down Ice Melt via Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Eggshells Towards Mitigating Global Climate Crisis

  1. I like the resourceful use of eggshells to perhaps mitigate the warming of inland bodies of water. The increased longevity of ice could allow the Earth to recover with human assistance.

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