Risk Assessment of Volcanic Activity in Arizona

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ashton Nebeker

Ms. Shelley Wermuth

"The main objective of this project is to perform a risk assessment of volcanic activity to human civilizations in Arizona. I believe that this assessment will definitely support my hypothesis that though Arizona is not at a high risk of activity right now, there could be some high risk activity in the future, and actions need to be taken. I've been motivated to do this study, as there is a lot of volcanic activity around the world right now, and communities and cities are being destroyed. Now there could be a chance where Arizona gets some of that activity in the future. In order to find this out, I will go to several volcanic regions in Arizona, take note of the environment that was affected by these volcanoes in the past by analyzing geographical features, and figure out what happened back then. I will test by using the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI), comparing various volcanic regions of Arizona with the associated populations. And I will compare this, to current active volcanoes as a basis for my risk assessment, (e.g. Kilauea, Las Palma, Icelandic Volcano). I am going to compare Arizona’s volcanoes to currently active volcanoes around the world to help assess the actual risk of the volcanic activity. I believe it will lead to my hypothesis being correct."

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