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Reflux Hurts (HELP!) : Does the PH level in my favorite foods affect my reflux/GERD?

Health and Wellness
Talan Freytag

Sabina Vaswani

"This experiment showed how pH levels of my favorite foods affected my acid reflux. I tested chips & salsa, pasta & pasta sauce, cereal & milk, ramen noodle chicken bowl, and hummus & pita chips. "

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3 thoughts on “Reflux Hurts (HELP!) : Does the PH level in my favorite foods affect my reflux/GERD?

  1. Very important experiment whose results should give you some control over your GERD! As a single subject, I wondered why you didn’t include your mother who also has GERD? Because of the age difference between the two of you, it would have been interesting to see if that made any difference.

  2. Interesting personal-experience driven question.
    If the condition is due to “acid reflux” then it is a circular argument to ask whether acidity is a factor.
    Otherwise, well done and nicely presented.

  3. This is a fantastic project! I really like that you evaluated something that impacts your own daily life and you did a great job explaining your hypothesis and how pH works. I lived in Portland, Oregon for awhile where the water is very basic; had the worst acid reflux of my life contrary to your conclusions – sort of interesting. You did a better job really evaluating this then I could say I did. I wonder what other factors in these food might affect reflux?

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