Rebuilding the Zeppelin: Power and Purity of Hydrogen

Chemical and Material Sciences
Cameron Tinney Robert Gavin

Mrs. Melissa Bravenec

This project was done to find the methods of producing hydrogen that leads to the purest form of hydrogen. This goes along with my previous project fixing problems with the airship, and bringing it into the modern world. We found that the aluminum method was the most effective hydrogen producer although the zinc method was cleaner. This is important because it's the next step to improving the Zeppelin, which would be a major asset to have especially in the modern day of shipping.

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2 thoughts on “Rebuilding the Zeppelin: Power and Purity of Hydrogen

  1. Your project in particular is intriguing, as the study on purity of hydrogen is not something that I have thought of before. The way that you provided experimentation in comparison to the overall subject was interesting and thoroughly reflected the goal of the experiment on a smaller scale. This was a joy to read and seeing your process of finding out the results while still questioning other aspects of the project show that you are capable of being a brilliant scientist.

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