Reaching New Heights

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Koltin Shepard

Ms. Stefani Terry

"My project is about how far a basketball will bounce with different psi levels. I chose this project because I like basketball and I noticed that it was harder to play basketball until my dad aired up my ball. My results were that the psi levels closest to the ideal psi level of 8 bounced the highest."

Project presentation

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One thought on “Reaching New Heights

  1. You explained clearly in your conclusion that your hypothesis was supported and I liked the way you reflected about how the data might have been impacted by using a different ball. I did wonder why you picked this investigation and would have like a bit more exploration into how this information might impact your basketball or world in general. I think from your data, you did find that the more air pressure the better bounce. Why did you stop at 8 lbs if 8.5 was also recommended? Do you think even more would have been better? Keep thinking, observing and questioning! You’ve had a good start!

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