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Reach for the Stars

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Niki Tilicki class

Niki Tilicki

"Every Monday we had to work with are Astronomy Teacher Mr. Veikko. We built a telescope to find objects in the sky. We learned about constellations and we had a lot of fun. Our experiment will be how faint of objects can we see with a homemade telescope. "

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2 thoughts on “Reach for the Stars

  1. Very impressive space exploration. I like how you thought about impact of light pollution and phases of the moon in your observations of the Messier objects. Your data chart was well organized as well. Keep asking questions and exploring more!

  2. Nice telescope! Glad you got to see some galaxies and things. You didn’t say where you were observing from. I suggest you take your telescope out to a dark location and see if it performs better.

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