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Quantifying and Interpreting Bias Towards the Perception of Immigrants​

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Devak Shah Nicolas Rivera

Elyse Wexler

" In everyday life, people are constantly making assumptions about anything and everything, and these assumptions can be used to understand their biases and places where these individuals have failed to be educated. This study sought to understand the different perceptions people hold about immigrants and the struggles they face in life, and how age played a role in one’s understanding of immigrants. In other studies, researchers take a closed view to understanding the biases people hold towards immigrants, only looking at one or two topics. This study is different from these studies because it takes a more general look at people's assumptions and preconceived notions of immigrants by researching several different wide areas of life. This research was done using a survey that asked primarily Likert scale-based questions to see the trends of distinct groups of people’s understandings of immigrants. This research can be used to show how different people lack do not understand immigrants and how we can change our education systems to increase understanding. "

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