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Pounds Per Square Inch and Bike Tire Speed

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Violet Rambaud

Mrs Andrea Klein

"I love riding my bike. I always want to go super-fast. In this experiment I wanted to know what is the best pound per a square inch (psi) measurement inside my tire to go the fastest on my bicycle. To find this out I made up an experiment to test out my hypothesis. My hypothesis is the higher I make the psi inside my bike tire the faster I will go. I set up an experiment by setting three different psi levels to test. The levels I decided on was 25psi, 17psi and 10psi. These three levels of psi are within my bicycles tire rating and 25psi is the max. I also needed a track that would be the same distance for my experiment. This would keep each lap time the same. I went to a running track to conduct my experiment. It was flat and smooth. The results of this were really cool! Based off of the data I collected. It showed the higher the psi the faster I will go. Whereas the lower the psi it made me go slower over a ¼ mile track. I noticed the higher the psi the harder the tire got. With the lower psi the tire got softer and harder to pedal. As a result, in the future I will be inflating my tires to the highest amount listed on the side of the tire. This will make me a faster bike rider! Keywords: bicycle, bike, tires, speed, athletics, girls in STEM "

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