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Plastic Infiltration on Planarian Worms

Animal Sciences
Esperanza Guizar Rodrigo Guizar

Patricia Garcia

"We investigated the effects of plastic in water on planarian worms. By simulating a plastic-filled environment and a regular spring water environment, we were able to better evaluate the effects of the components of disposable plastic on the growth of the planarian worms after comparing the two. Over the course of five weeks, we isolated planarian worms in a dark environment and measured the total length of centimeter growth, and compared the rate of growth between the normal spring water and plastic polluted water. "

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4 thoughts on “Plastic Infiltration on Planarian Worms

  1. Great variable control, calculative approach, and methodology. I appreciate your reasoning and purpose behind this project. You took great care in your preservation of the scientific method. You’re great. You’re fabulous. Go get yourself some ice cream.

  2. Interesting topic and very relevant to today’s environmental challenges.

  3. You put a lot of work into this project which is important for understanding the harm discarded plastics can do. You answered well in the interview some questions I had. I hope you continue to do research into the dangers of discarded plastic and will help discourage people from being so careless about throwing away water bottles, etc. Keep up the good work.

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