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Penguins and Gravitational Waves

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Alper Guvenc

Ms. Haley Stromberg

"In this study, I tried to find if making gravitational waves move faster or more frequently makes an object move faster or slower. I researched how gravitational waves work with my dad. Then we made a simulation in Scratch to test my questions. I collected data using the simulations for three weeks and entered them in Google Spreadsheets. Then we made graphs using my data, and I used the graphs to see if my two hypotheses were correct. I found that both of my hypotheses were correct. I concluded that denser gravitational waves and slower gravitational waves make objects move faster. Also, also making waves denser increases gravity more than making them slow. For my next project, I want to see what happens if I let the objects move in an orbit and if I change the same variables."

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