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NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award

Particulate Monitoring of UAS

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Oren Sutphin Ethan Jantzi

Ms. Patricia Garcia

"As we were thinking about climate change and the effect it has on small communities, we wondered how we could measure air pollution, and since we live in an agricultural community, how does the air pollution from agriculture compare to that of residential areas? As we researched and plotted how we could reliably measure air particulate pollution at different areas and heights, the idea of using a drone came to mind. We looked in the user manual and figured out that the drone could carry a payload of 11lbs. Now that we had figured out how much the drone could carry, we started looking for particulate monitors that would be compact enough to be slung under the drone. After finding and purchasing the unit, we were ready for our experiment! "

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