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Orbeez Size and Minerals

Chemical and Material Sciences
William Krizman-Rauh

Ms. Kelly Milani

" What are Orbeez?  Orbeez are also called water-beads. They are super-absorbent polymers that grow to more than 100 times their volume when placed in liquid.  What are polymers?  A polymer is a large molecule that consists of many small molecules joined together. They grow when the water is absorbed by the spaces between the molecules.  Why were orbeez invented?  The polymers were designed in the 1960’s. They would absorb water in the rainy seasons and release it in the dry season to help plants grow in hot weather.  Today, they are also used in baby diapers, for decorations, art projects, and kids love to play with them."

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One thought on “Orbeez Size and Minerals

  1. I really loved your idea and the pictures!! You should definitely continue this experiment! It definitely relates to biology and how different things can permeate cell membranes, basically how minerals and water pass into something just like your orbeez!!

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