Grand Award

2nd Place

No More Litter!

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Elisabeth Gingrich class

Elisabeth Gingrich

" We noticed the amount of trash on our playground and wanted to find a solution. We spent four weeks picking up trash around the playground observing the numbers go up and down depending on the week. We decided to create a survey about trash to find out the school community knowledge of trash, recycling, and how to solve the problem. We also created a public service announcement to encourage students and staff to pick up trash. Our final step was to ask the PTO for financial help installing two permanent trash cans on the playground, and creating trash pick up kits to help each building turn this into community service and keep our campus clean. "

Project presentation

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One thought on “No More Litter!

  1. What a great way to help clean up your school! It appears your efforts are working. Keep it up!

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