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My Neighborhood Rocks

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Penelope Backs

Ms. Audrey Edwards

"I collected rocks from my neighborhood and from the West Wetlands hiking trail. I chose to collect rocks because I already have my own rock collection, and it is fun collecting rocks. I wanted to find out if the rocks from the hiking trail and the rocks from my neighborhood are similar or not, I will compare the size and texture of the rocks I collect. "

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4 thoughts on “My Neighborhood Rocks

  1. Your board is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the lettering and your experiment is so creative!

  2. I think your project idea is really neat! You did a good job comparing your results with your hypothesis.

  3. I love this project and rocks! Your board looks so nice and organized. I wonder what project you can do next year with rocks.

  4. I love that you were able to do science right in your own neighborhood. It is really great that science is everywhere even in the place that you live. You have a really great rock collection. It was really great that you collected so many rocks. That was a lot of hard work. I like that you included so many pictures of your rocks and that you found them in different locations. What a great way to do science and get some fresh air. Keep up the good work!

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