Grand Award

2nd Place

Mushrooms and Decomposition

Plant Sciences
Leela Rajagopal Ridgway

Mrs. Georgina Matzkin

"My project studied whether oyster mushrooms would accelerate decomposition in compost. I chose this project because I love mushrooms and think their role in the ecosystem as decomposers is fascinating. My project's conclusion was that oyster mushrooms did accelerate the speed of decomposition. My project is important because mushrooms (especially their decompositional qualities) can help in the fight against pollution."

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Mushrooms and Decomposition

  1. A very creative, unique, and exciting project. As a home composter, I found this presentation to be very informative and helpful to potentially improve my own compost. I think it would be interesting to use other types of mycelial matter and see the rate of decay in the future. There are a lot of scientific advancements that can be performed after this study. It would also be interesting to measure the nutrient levels of the compost after your experiment. Very cool! I also appreciated your clear definitions of your variables, question, hypothesis, etc. Great work!

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