Grand Award

3rd Place

Muffin Makin'

Chemical and Material Sciences
Kianna Alvarez

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment I will be testing if the type flour will affect the flavor of a muffin. This will determine which type of flour is more preferred in a muffin.(Wheat flour-The Gold Medal, all-purpose flour-Great Value, almond flour-Great Value, and bread flour-Great Value.) 2. I became interested in this topic because I would like to better my cooking talents and to do that I need to know which flour I should use when cooking baked goods. 3. The results for this experiment indicates that the all-purpose flour was the most preferred and didn’t affect the taste of the muffin. 4. The information from this experiment will help people that want to improve the taste of a muffin. "

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One thought on “Muffin Makin’

  1. Well done. Sufficient data collected. Really insightful observation that people are used to all purpose flour, which will affect the results. I think you might benefit from an additional graph type, such as a bar graph, to help portray the results to your audience.

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