Grand Award

2nd Place

MiscO3nceptions of AQUEOUS OZONE

Plant Sciences
Hassan Lorenzo Lopez

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

Project Description: |What is your project about?| The misconceptions of aqueous ozone in the food industry and how it makes plants grow better.||||Why did you choose this project?|It was inspired by my project in the previous year called ""How does aqueous ozone affect bacteria and mold.""|||What was your result/overall conclusion? Aqueous ozone enhances the growth of plants by making nutrients more available. It isn't just the growth of plants but it is also the way it is able to be healthier.||||Why is your project important? This can help the food industry in being able to have healthier plants with a higher yield. As well to make production more efficient because they won't have to take the time to remove the aqueous ozone.|

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2 thoughts on “MiscO3nceptions of AQUEOUS OZONE

  1. Wow! This was a really interesting and creative topic. You presented your project very well, and I appreciate the background information and key terms that you provided to help your readers. I think this was a sophisticated experimental design, and I like that you used many replicates. Great job!

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