Metallic Dirt

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Carlos Guzman

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment I will be testing to see which soil ( sand dunes, desert, farmland, river, or mountain) has the most iron in its sand/soil. I will do this by extracting the iron from the soils using a magnet and weighing the mass for each sample. 2. One of the reasons I was interested in this experiment is because I like environmental science and I enjoy going around my town getting messy gathering the samples. 3. he results show that the farmland has the most iron in it, which was 3.1%. Farmland was first with 3.1% of iron, river was second with 1.67% of iron, desert was third with 1.04% of iron, mountain was forth with 0.73% of iron, and sand dune was last with 0.2% of iron. The one with the highest amount of Iron in the sample was farmland soil with 3.1% and the one that had the least amount of iron per sample was the Sand dunes at .2% iron. This shows that farm soil contains the highest levels and amount of iron. 4. The main reasons I did this project was so that the result could be used by farmers to learn which location has the right amount of iron for crops and for people in the medical field in case they ever need to use iron for medicine. "

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