Measuring Softball Velocity

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Paisley Feurstock

Ms. Lauryn Lyons

"Can the materials in different brands and types of softballs affect the velocity when hit with a bat off of a tee? There are many different types of softballs made by different brands and their materials are different as well. Will the difference in materials and weight affect how well the ball travels when hit by a bat? The goal of this experiment is to figure out which softball would travel at the highest speed so I can choose which softballs I want to hit when practicing. "

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One thought on “Measuring Softball Velocity

  1. I particularly liked your discussion of your results. You seemed to be taking your investigation a bit further. I wonder if softness made a difference ( it seemed hard to measure). but I am imporessed at your use of an organized investigation to better your sport. Keep it up.

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