Leavening Agents in Cupcakes

Chemical and Material Sciences
Lindsey Hurley

Lisa Scott

"I decided to perform this experiment because I was really curious as to why we had at least three different leavening agents that we might use for cooking. It also had me wondering what the difference was between them and why you couldn't easily substitute one for the other. I really enjoy cooking and baking things, so I wanted to have an experiment that was based around my enjoyment of cooking and that would take around the same time as it would take to bake something. This experiment did not disappoint me in answering the questions I was asking about their differences, however I am still curious as to why and how so many were made in the first place. If for some reason I decide to investigate this further, I intend to do much more research and include many more leavening agents, however for now I am very satisfied with saying with the answers I have already gotten."

Project presentation

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