KoKo's Great Escape Comes To An End

Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
Kaelin Sherrod

Luissel Cordova

"My dog KoKo kept escaping her cage/play area. She would jump on top of her cage and escape. I had to find a way to keep her from escaping that she wouldn't chew up or be able to push out of her way. I looked for items around my house and garage and built a wood wall that I secured with zip ties and bungee cords to her cage that blocked her from escaping. My project was important because sometimes we have to put KoKo her in cage/play area in order to keep her safe. "

Project presentation

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One thought on “KoKo’s Great Escape Comes To An End

  1. Great job using the engineer design process to solve a problem in your everyday life and keep your dog safe.

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