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Robin M. Cattler Innovation Award, TEP Award of Excellence

Javelina Javelin-A

Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
Gavin Cook

Mrs. Shauna Thomas

"This project was desinged to keep javelina and other wildlife from getting into garbage cans and creating litter. It is a common prolbem that affects many people in our neighborhood and community. I was able to engineer a gavity activated lock for trash cans lids that only opens when the garbage truck dumps it upside down. This is important becasue it will keep the envionment clean and animals safe while being convenient for the homeowner. "

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Javelina Javelin-A

  1. Well thought out and creative project! Your presentation captured all the necessary steps and was easy to follow. You really put forth a lot of effort to find the best solution. I love the photos to help show your progress. Great job!

  2. This is a super cool idea! I sure hope you’ve patented this because we need this solution in Southern Arizona! Thank you for your ingenuity!

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