Energy and Environmental Engineering
Katie Beverage

Mrs. Lara Huetter

"This year, I decided to improve my project from 5th grade: the Jave-no-leana. It is a device that attaches to your trash can to prevent Javelina from knocking it over. I chose this project because javelinas knocking over trash cans is a problem that many people experience in my neighborhood, and I wanted to help find a solution to this problem. While my original design worked, there was definitely room for improvement. I worked on improving the durability of the materials, and making it easier to use. To do this, I simplifies the leg hinging mechanism. I built the hinge piece and leg to test, and it worked really well! It was so much easier to use than my original design, and it was also much simpler to build. I did use wood for my prototype, but only because I was just testing the hinge mechanism, not the overall design concept (since that stayed the same from my original and worked really well) and materials. If I were to put it on the trash can, I would use composite decking in place of the wood for more durability. Overall, I am very pleased with the results! People through the South Western United States and parts of Central and South America can use this to protect their trash cans, and Jave-no-leana!"

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Jave-No-Leana

  1. Really a fun project. The fact that you continued with a project that you did when you were in the fifth grade shows that you really understand how a better device could be made to keep those pesky porcines from knocking over trash containers.

  2. I really like this project. It was your own idea developed from a need you saw in your neighborhood. You built on your previous experience to come up with a better product. Would have been fun to have a picture with someone the size of a javelina was trying to knock it over.
    Come back with a project again next year.

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