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Esther Chapman Memorial Award for Curiosity in Plant Sciences

It's Eroding Away

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mrs. Michelle McWilliams class

Mrs. Michelle McWilliams

"1. Preventing Soil Erosion 2. In class we were learning about erosion and wondered what ground cover would prevent soil erosion. 3. We concluded that the small rocks with leaf debris were the best at preventing soil erosion although soil with plants absorbed most of the water. 4. Landscaping concerns"

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2 thoughts on “It’s Eroding Away

  1. Good work on repeating your experiment 3 times and observing how results were different or the same. The graph showing the amount of water drained from all three bottles was easy to read.

  2. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~ Albert Einstein
    Thank you for participating this year in SARSEF! I hope your class grows with earth awareness from this great experience!

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