Is Your Playground As Safe As You Think?

Health and Wellness
Sylvia Peebles

Mabel Rivera

"After many falls at different parks, I began to wonder, what type of ground protected me the most? Then I thought, I bet I am not the only curious one. I bet that children and their families would want to know too. This could impact what parks people go to, the type of ground they use at their own house, around the community, and even around the world. I want to test which type of ground cover is the most safe for kids "

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3 thoughts on “Is Your Playground As Safe As You Think?

  1. This is fascinating. Thank you for sharing your results. Now I will stop complaining about getting sand in my shoes when I take my kids to the park.

  2. Interesting project: it would have been interesting to see results if you had used 3 eggs for each test to see if you could replicate results… good work! Was surprised to see common, cheap sand the winner!!!

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