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Introverts vs Extroverts: What Do You Recall?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Mrs Lindsay Wong class

Mrs Lindsay Wong

"It all started with an innocent comment from a classmate after a last minute review of test notes, “you’ll probably remember more than me, because you are so quiet!” That remark began an interesting debate as to what kind of student is more likely to have better recall. Does our personality play a role in determining our short term memory accuracy? Awareness of natural tendencies based on personality would encourage students to work harder to overcome learning hurdles. This is where our science experiment began. We asked, do introverts or extroverts have more accurate short-term memory recall? We had each of our participants take a personality test to determine if they were more introverted or extroverted. Then, over a two day timeframe, we had each participant take a series of memory tests. The percentage of accurate recall was recorded and averaged, and introverts were compared to extroverts. Our data analysis indicated that extroverts had an average accuracy rate of 79%, while introverts had an average accuracy rate of 85%. Therefore, introverts are 6% more likely to recall with accuracy. Because students use their recall and short-term memory for a variety of skills needed for school success, this information could impact they way in which an extrovert prepares for academic success. While extroverts may have a natural tendency to recall with less accuracy, awareness of this deficit may encourage them to work harder and focus more to increase success. Keywords: behavior, introvert, extrovert, personality, memory, recall, short-term, success, brain "

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