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Impact of a Changing Climate

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mrs. Kelly Smith class

Mrs. Kelly Smith

Our class research connects geography and environmental science to the emotional impacts of those who plan or have already relocated to Arizona as a result of the California wildfires. ||This class project began during a lesson on weather vs climate, how it has changed over time, and the human-environment interactions. As one student shared, ""I have been impacted as my family and I had to move which is why I am new to this school. As she shared her story, another shared hers. Other students became intensely intrigued by their experiences. Captivated peers inched their chairs closer to hear every word. ""Others need to hear this!"". ""Their stories should be told"". ""We can help them!"" ""Let's make a movie!"" and their teacher agreed as it became quite the project!||As students were reading about the California wildfires, students noticed in one of the photographs, that some of the homes at the base of hills were spared. They wondered if it had something to do with how fires burn. In addition to survey data from a social media group, ""California to Arizona"" we conducted two controlled experiments testing the height of a flame's plume for varying slope degrees and the effect of vegetative density per slope degree. ||Students hope to tell the complete story behind this project and are in the midst of completing a documentary. Our goal is to share the resilient journey of those impacted by a changing climate and to do so, through science.|

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