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If I drink this water will it kill me?

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Matthew Miller

Mrs. Monica Baden

"I wanted to know what level of contaminants are found in the rivers and water that I swim in. I also want to know if there are enough of these contaminants in the water to kill someone if they swallowed some of it. This is important to know for our safety. "

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5 thoughts on “If I drink this water will it kill me?

  1. Fantastic project! I love the relevance of this project. With so many ways water can become contaminated, it is important to know the safety levels of the water your swimming in. I am glad to know the rivers in your area are safe to swim in! I wonder how the water in a swimming pool would compare….

  2. great way to connect with your local environment and I really loved that you included a control group: the hose water.

  3. What a great project! I have also wondered about the water when I am wading through it, thank you for sharing your results.

  4. Wow! This was a great project that affects all of us; I have had the same questions myself! Thank you for doing these tests so we can all enjoy our surroundings and feel safe. This is a very timely topic, very thorough and the graphics are excellent.

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