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Identification and Phylogeny of Unknown Cucurbitaceae Seeds

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Abbey Mandell Maiya Matthews

Mr. Gavin Lehr

"Seeds of an unknown squash species that could be a heirloom variety from the Southwest were donated by a community member. The seeds were identified using DNA barcoding and their genetic relationship was compared to common garden variety squash species. "

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3 thoughts on “Identification and Phylogeny of Unknown Cucurbitaceae Seeds

  1. I bet your pretty old now,and smart,and I really like your project,(i’m in 3rd grade and I really get your project)

  2. great job (do know levi sobey i’m in his class and he is about to be moved to high school)

  3. Dear MJ and Abbey, GREAT JOB!!!!! LOVED IT SO MUCH 💕❤️💕💕💕💕❤️❤️

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