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Humps, Bumps, or Rumbles...Traffic Calming - Does it Work?

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Kaylee Clor

Mrs. Helen Lai

"This project is testing the effectiveness of 3 types of traffic calming devices. I chose this project because I wanted to know why there are different sizes of speed bumps and what would be best for a neighborhood. My results show that speed bumps are more effective at slowing vehicles than speed bumps or rumble strips, so they are better for putting on residential streets like my neighborhood. This is important project because it helps people understand the need for speed bumps as a part of public safety. "

Project presentation

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One thought on “Humps, Bumps, or Rumbles…Traffic Calming – Does it Work?

  1. Impressive connections between the real world observations, questions, and developing research models. Determining and applying math in collecting your data was also well done. Good work in reflecting on your results as well. Keep investigating! Well done.

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