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3rd Place

How Mulch Does It Help?

Plant Sciences
Garrett Fry

Mr. Greg Gaines

"This project is testing whether or not wood chips take nitrogen from garden soil and if they affect plant growth when used as mulch. I chose to do this project because gardening and growing plants is my passion and water conservation is another thing I am interested in. The results were a bit surprising and did not support my hypothesis. There were no visible changes in nitrogen level, but there was a difference in sprouting time, and in overall growth by the plants. This project is important for gardeners and farmers because it shows how mulch, specifically wood chips, affects plants in the garden, or in a field. "

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2 thoughts on “How Mulch Does It Help?

  1. Wow! I thought this experiment was extremely creative, and it focused on a very important and timely problem. Your question and hypothesis were supported by good background knowledge, and you had a great forethought for your experimental timeline. One thing that would be interesting to explore in the future would be the nitrogen levels with the addition of different types of mulch, as different types of wood or cured wood might have different changes.

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