How Far Can You Go?

Chemical and Material Sciences
Gillian Higgins

Mrs. Sarah Nystedt

"This project seeks to determine which material will shoot my grappling hook the farthest. The purpose for doing my science fair project was to find out what material would shoot my grappling hook the farthest. The seven materials I used were rubber bands, surgical or latex tubing and five different elastic bands, black, red, yellow, blue and green. The elastic bands had different thicknesses such as the black being X-heavy and the green being X-light. For my experiment, I hypothesized that my grappling hook would shoot the farthest while using surgical or latex tubing. Our first experiment was testing the elasticity. We measured the length of the material and how far it stretched when we placed a four pound weight upon the materials. #materials #womeninstem #colors #elasticity #experiment "

Project presentation

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