How does water effect the corrosion of certain metals?

Chemical and Material Sciences
Antonio Cota

Dr. Tara Archuleta

Abstract||The purpose of this project is to show how much material is corroded on certain metals. The purpose was to show which metal corroded in the water, the most copper, steel, or aluminum. They hypothesis was that aluminum and steel would be the least corroded of the metals. The method I used was to dip each metal (all the same size) into a small bowl of water for 2 weeks. Each day the metals were checked for any amount of rust that may have accumulated. Each metal had a different weight, aluminum being the lightest, steel in the middle, and copper being the heaviest. The hypothesis was ""How does Water affect the corrosion of Copper, Steel, and Aluminum?"" The metals were weighed on a scale to Check their weight The 3 metals were dipped into a bowl of liquid (water and soda, juice). Each metal was dipped into each liquid (water and soda, juice) Each metal was put in the liquids for 2 weeks and allowed time for corrosion to take place. The data was observed visually and quantitatively using weight. The metals were weighed again to check how much the metal corroded.

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