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How does the 5 second rule affect food?

Health and Wellness
Antonio Perez

Ms. Lauryn Lyons

The project is to see how much bacteria will grow on food in 5 seconds, even after you have ""cleaned"" it. I chose this project because my sister dropped food on the floor and it gave me the idea. My overall conclusion is that even if you think your floor is clean, bacteria can still adhere to food in a matter of seconds. The project is important to see if it's safe for people to eat food off the ground. If they do, there is a possibility they could get sick.

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One thought on “How does the 5 second rule affect food?

  1. Good job on your discussion of the limitations of your study. You wrote about three of them. Its good to take time to think over carefully on looking closely at your experiment did not study. This shows critical thinking. This is very important.

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