How Does Music Taste Correlate with Personality?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Peyton Lopez Aliyah Cardenas Lindsey Hernandez

Tara Archuleta

"Music is a form of expression that we as humans use to reflect what or how we are like. From this derives the question, what is the correlation between these two topics that relate to humans, music, and personality? Although there are multiple research papers addressing this topic, it is a better understanding and visual researching deeper into our topic and seeing this connection with people whose personalities we know. Music is a great demonstration of how we’re feeling on certain days and our mood at that moment, but since we choose the certain music, our ears want to hear, this connects to who we are as a person because it’s our taste and choice in the end. Our research plan consisted of us gathering participants and making them take a survey we created, asking questions about their personality and taste in music, while also gathering background knowledge of what each music category discloses about a person. Knowing the correlation between personality and music can help in finding methods of ways to teach or background music to play when in a learning environment.​ ​"

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2 thoughts on “How Does Music Taste Correlate with Personality?

  1. i think this is a very interesting topic and your project seems very well thought out and thoroughly well done. i think it’s great:D

  2. Music projects always interest me and what you are experimenting with is very cool. Different personalities I bet affect personality. The reasons people interact with music in your introduction also intrigues me. Very cool project that I hope gets something in return.

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