How Does Music Affect Heart Rate?

Biomedical and Health Sciences
Carolina Noriega

Heather Madrigal

This project first initiated as I noticed how our moods and our behaviors change as slow and fast paced music is played. Yet, we really did not know what was going inside our system when we played different types of music with different tempos. That is what led me to question how heart rate is affected by music. This has also led me to think about teenagers and how we mostly use music as an escape from all of our problems. I asked myself ""Does music with a slow tempo actually help us with issues we are currently facing such as depression or anxiety?"". This is what led me to use only women subjects between the ages 16-18. My experiment could be a way to find a solution that can help those teenagers find a way to calm themselves when going through different mental issues and how to find a coping mechanism.|

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3 thoughts on “How Does Music Affect Heart Rate?

  1. The project idea was very interesting. The data collected shocked me; I wouldn’t have thought to study the difference of heart rate between the different genders.

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