How does growing space affect the height of a Helinathus annuus plant?

Plant Sciences
Miles Ball David Bruce Oakley

Dr. Michael Frank

"Our project was to see and evaluate the factors that could affect the height of plants. In our experiment, it is for the Helianthus annuus plant which is a much bigger plant that requires a bigger growing space. The results of the project gave us answers and showed us that growing space does play a role in a plant's height. The reason this is an important experiment is that it can lead others to learn from it possibly and have them develop other questions for plants. However for us personally we wanted to see if growing space was really an important factor in a plant's height/development."

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “How does growing space affect the height of a Helinathus annuus plant?

  1. I saw that you didn’t have a lot of data for your first graph. I had almost no data, so I understand how upsetting it could be to not have as much as you wanted. I’m really glad to see that you got more data on your second trial. You’re slides look really nice (I really like the second slide with the sunflower). Good luck!

  2. It looks like you learned some good information about plant growth and the need for root space. I’m glad you learned from the problems of the first round and had a more successful second round.

    Best wishes in your future scientific endeavors!

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