How do daily weather conditions impact one's short term affective state?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Sophia Bell

Dr. Tara Archuleta

"This project is all about figuring out if something so overlooked in our daily lives like weather can have an actual impact on things like mood and mental health. This project centralizes around possibilities of how daily weather conditions impact one’s short-term affective state, essentially asking how and why weather affects mood. This question is hard to find a good answer to considering how every individual is different and will react to different weather conditions in different ways, which is why it hasn’t been a very popular heavily researched topic in the past. This topic is interesting and could possibly have a beneficial impact on society to help people determine if weather may be a contributing attribute to drastic mood changes or not. The research in this project could help further develop new research questions and experiments branching off this one idea into endless possibilities for new research. Experiments in this project consisted of collecting participants, having them sign a human consent form where they and their parents signed, and then they were able to complete the online survey that consisted of around fifteen questions relating to the topic of weather and mood. The impact this project could have is endless, it could help people to answer questions they never knew they had, and it could motivate other researchers to further look into the impact weather could have on mood. "

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