Grand Award

2nd Place

Hovercraft: The Scalloper

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Logan Nielsen

Mr. Greg Gaines

"My project is about finding ways to improve transportation in more efficient ways. I am interested in researching crafts that use clean energy and recycled materials. To solve this problem I decided to build a personal hovercraft. I wanted the craft to be electric powered and be able to move and change direction. To accomplish this I used leaf blowers and a steering system. I chose this project because I want to create solutions that will be useful someday. I think that designs like mine will solve important problems in the future. I thought it would be fun to experiment with movement and transportation. My results were that I was able to make a successful hovercraft that could change direction. It proved to be strong and could hold almost double my weight. It could also travel at speeds up to 3 feet per second and glide across smooth surfaces. Further improvements could be made in the future to make it more controllable and travel on multiple terrains. "

Project presentation

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