Hot vs Cold

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Edith Kelly

Hailey Sanders

"My project is about how many paperclips different temperature magnets can hold. I chose this project because my grandpa owns a scrapyard and I love seeing him pick up things with the magnet. Cold magnets held more paperclips than hot magnets. My project is important because almost all engineering involves magnetism. "

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Hot vs Cold

  1. What interesting questions you present! I was impressed that you included data on regular magnets as well as the hot and cold. Keep investigating!

  2. What a great experiment! I wondering if you grandpa has noticed any differences in the performance of the huge magnet he uses on cold days in the winter vs. really hot days in the summer? And your data supports what I know as a physicist about magnets. I wonder if you can think about why when a magnet gets warmer it does not work as well??? Super interesting physics!

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