Homemade v.s Store bought ice cream: which has more sugar?

Chemical and Material Sciences
Ansley Rundle

MariAnn Slater

"1.In this experiment I will be testing the sugar levels in different brands of store bought ice cream to see if homemade ice cream has a less sugar level than store bought. 2. I became interested in this experiment because my grandpa has diabetes and I wanted to see which vanilla ice cream I could eat when I am with him and which vanilla ice cream diabetics could eat safely .3. In conclusion, my results stated that Blue Bell vanilla ice cream had the most amount of glucose (1.35 grams) and that homemade vanilla ice cream had the least amount of glucose (0.6 grams).4. People will consume less sugar by choosing the vanilla ice cream with the least amount of sugar content."

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One thought on “Homemade v.s Store bought ice cream: which has more sugar?

  1. very thorough. Excellent work. I’d be curious to see how a “sugar free” variant registers with this kit.

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