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Future Time Smith award for Excellence in Research on objective and subjective measures of time

Here Comes the Sun!

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Ms. Mollie Ramos class

Ms. Mollie Ramos

"Our sundial experiment was done after our Mystery Science Lesson on how to make sundials. We wanted to make our own sundial and test its effectiveness in telling time to the hour in comparison to an analog clock. We researched how to find true North, and went outside at Noon to create the first time marker on our own sundials. We went out every hour on the hour and added a new time marker to our clock each time. We completed our sundial the following morning. We then tested our sundial against an analog clock. We went out to view the time on the sundial every hour on the hour and compared it to the analog clock. We found that our sundial was accurate in telling time to the hour, and though we didn’t test it, possibly to the half hour as well. We measured how sunlight caused a change in the sundial. Another control in our experiment was the analog clock to gauge the accurateness of the sundial. "

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  1. Great work collaborating and applying your Mystery Science with your math, measuring, and precision. Keep questioning and testing!

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