Grand Award

3rd Place

Guinea Pig Maze

Animal Sciences
Jessica Holtrop Osuna

Mrs. Julie Sharkey

"My project was to see if guinea pigs can learn to remember a maze. I chose this project because I was interested to find out if guinea pigs can have memory intelligence. My conclusion is guinea pigs can learn to remember a maze. My project is important because it can help us learn more about guinea pigs and how they think. "

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Maze

  1. good idea, but guinea pigs can get out of they’re own cages, i don’t think this will be any better

  2. I love Love LOVE guinea pigs so I love love LOVE this project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did sooooooo grate btw I have two guinea pigs at home

  3. This is an amazing project a really good idea! I have 1 guinea pig at home his name is Ralphie. I hope you did good!

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