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Growing in a Bubble: A Balloon Greenhouse Effect

Plant Sciences
Pamela Barrett class

Pamela Barrett

"he purpose of this project is to find out if a radish plant can grow in a balloon that acts as a greenhouse. Balloons have been used throughout the year for celebrations and activities and we wondered if a balloon greenhouse could help establish a new way of gardening indoors and help protect plants from outside elements that effect garden growth. The results of our experiment showed that radish seeds can grow in a balloon regardless of the inflated size. Eight out of twenty five balloons grew a radish plant inside over the course of 16 days. It was difficult to observe the growth in the balloon greenhouses due to the changing color as it deflated over time. However, the results indicate that life can exist in a balloon. It also encourages more testing that could be done with different balloon colors and seeds and lead to further questions for engineering new ways to reuse balloons that are meaningful. "

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