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Got to Wear My Shades

Health and Wellness
Leopoldo Delgado

Patricia Patchin

"Irlen Syndrome affects many students in schools. It causes them to have severe migraines which leads to missing school. Irlen glasses help those with the syndrome to stop the glare and help change the frequency of light processed I have been getting migraines since I can remember. I get a lot of migraines, sometimes 2-3 times per week. When I get one, my head hurts and I get very nauseous and sick. Sometimes I have to miss school or fun activities. When I have a migraine, I have to lay on the couch, do nothing, and fall asleep. Some of the things that cause my migraines are bright sunlight, dehydration, hunger, or not getting enough sleep. Sometimes I wear tinted Irlen glasses to help when lights bother me. I wonder if wearing Irlen tinted glasses will help reduce my migraines, or if there is another factor that will help me predict when I’m going to get a migraine, so I can take my medication before it gets really bad. "

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One thought on “Got to Wear My Shades

  1. What an original project. Loved that it was one that had personal aspect and that you learned and used the information to benefit your health. So proud of your project. Keep up with the curiosity to help you solve everyday problems.

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