Goal! Finding the best factors for kicking a soccer ball.

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Peyton Menghini

Mrs. Monica Baden

"My project is determining if a soccer ball will travel further on certain soccer fields. I picked this project because I play soccer and wondered why my ball travels further on certain fields The height of the grass is a factor as well as the brand of ball . I can use this information to better my soccer performance. "

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3 thoughts on “Goal! Finding the best factors for kicking a soccer ball.

  1. Great questions for further research! So, did all of your kicks occur on the same day? If not, this might have made a difference as you could had more or less energy? And, how long after you ate a meal did your kicks occur – also something that would affect your energy level.

  2. Question well defined. Only 2 variables tested. Effort of kicker on each test not measured.
    No references.
    Good personal investigation for her sport participation.

  3. This is a great project with results that will improve your game! Your follow up questions are good ones for further investigation.

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