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Game Time

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Brayden Carr Dominick SanAngelo Jackson Cole

Mrs. Lindsay Wong

"We love playing video games, but we want to improve our playing techniques. We needed to determine whether music can help us be more successful in game play and, if so, what genre of music influences us positively the most. We played multiple games of Private Games Bedwars by Hypixel with no music (our control), and four other genres of music separately (Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Dubstep) playing in the background. We recorded the amount of game eliminations (similar to points earned) experienced in each round. The results supported our hypothesis that Dubstep is the best music for gaming success, earning a us a total of 25 eliminations. Rock and Jazz tied at being the worst, both ending with only 8 eliminations. All of these stats can be compared to our control test, with no music, which earned us 18 eliminations. Our science experiment can be important information to the gamer community, because it lets people know what type of music increases a gamers performance the most. Keywords: Gaming, Video Games, Minecraft, Music, Performance, STEM "

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  1. What about Dubstep music do you believe caused players to have more eliminations? What kind of music would you choose for a video game?

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