Gaea Ditches Linear

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Rubi Valenzuela Roman Switzer Jr. Xennoveva Zepeda

Jackie Nichols

Humans' careless ways have become a giant factor of the pollution in society and it damages the ecosystem. These careless ways cause us as the human to take natural resources from the Earth which doesn't give the Earth enough time to reproduce those resources, or replace the amount we take. It has gotten so bad that it has caused major health incidents; there has been a dramatic increase of lung cancer and collapsed lungs and a dramatic reported incidents of asthma acting up and people ending up in the hospital. This engineering project examines the change of a linear to circular economy and the benefits to the world and next generations. Key words include ""cradle to cradle"", regenerating nature, bioremediation, renewable architecture, and waste management.

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2 thoughts on “Gaea Ditches Linear

  1. Your project shows many good examples and ideas for environmental remediation and waste control, Excellent team work. Being able to work together on a project like this allows all of you on your team to consider each other’s ideas to create a circular economy in this region of France. I enjoyed seeing your drawings and mock up of your city.

  2. This sounds like an ideal community. I would like to live there. What do you think it would take to persuade people and businesses from changing their ways to get such a city? Do you think planting over polluted areas would solve that problem? I loved your illustrations. I hope you return with another project next year.

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