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1st Place

Freeloading Chicken on the Loose

Animal Sciences
Isabella Gruenwald

Mrs. Mandi Cordell

"I came up with my idea from going outside and seeing my chickens. It all started one Easter when my mom bought me and my sister 8 baby chicks. As the grew, we found out that we have 1 Rooster and 7 Hens. The inspiration for my project was last year’s science fair project with algae and horses. Once my chickens started to grow and lay eggs, we realized we might have a “Freeloader”. The question I am asking is which chicken is the freeloader and how will I find out? The purpose of my project is to make sure when I sell my chickens at the 4-H Fair, I do not sell someone a freeloader!"

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2 thoughts on “Freeloading Chicken on the Loose

  1. Great job! Your scientific idea was specific and your process to test it was excellent. Your data was extensive and you took data points you may not need for this experiment but could use for another – good thinking. I enjoyed reading about your chickens – and the variety of their names.

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