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For Nature By Nature: Can Desert Plants Stop Soil Erosion?

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mrs. Robyn Yewell class

Mrs. Robyn Yewell

"Can desert plants reduce the amount of soil that is eroded near our classroom due to rainfall? Since we have observed that plants may be able to stop soil erosion by preventing water saturation, we wanted to observe how much water would be absorbed in soil with and without desert succulents, leading to the exploration of desert plants possibly stopping erosion, reducing the amount of rainfall that floods near our classroom. #environmentalengineering #desert #succulents #soil #erosion #enviornmentalscience #science #citizenscience #cactus"

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “For Nature By Nature: Can Desert Plants Stop Soil Erosion?

  1. Nice project!
    I love the fact that you observed a problem at your school and you are looking at how to solve it! Don’t forget to let your principal know what you found out.
    I wonder if some succulent plants absorb more water than others, and therefore work better to prevent flooding. That might be a great next step!

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